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Overview With Timestamps
00:00 Intro
00:15 Overview Affiliate Marketing Tutorial
03:16 What Is Affiliate Marketing
00:06:38 Real Life Examples of Affiliate Marketing
00:09:05 Some statistics of my one my best Affiliate Products
00:12:57 Why YOU are in charge of your success

What Product or Service To Promote?
14:33 The 2 Rules of Affiliate Marketing
15:58 25 ideas for Affiliate Marketing
21:20 Find an Affiliate Product Yourself
22:44 The Product I Will Promote


Create A Website
26:49 What Is A Domain Name?
27:32 What Is Webhosting?
27:58 Get A Domain name and Webhosting
30:43 Choose a Domain

Install WordPress
33:58 Install WordPress
35:24 Make Your Website Secure with httpS://
36:33 The Frontend and Backend of your website
38:51 Clean Up Your Website
39:46 Configure Your Account
41:04 Create a Site Title

Themes and Page builders
42:35 Get the Kadence Theme
45:27 Create Your Logo
49:52 Upload Your Logo to Your Website
50:31 Add Pages To Your Website
53:11 Configure the Kadence Theme even Further

Writing Blogposts
01:18:11 Why Write Blogposts?
01:23:18 4 Kind of Blogposts
01:23:18 Use Grammarly to create better blogposts
01:28:06 Create Your First Blogpost with Gutenberg
01:28:06 Create A Features Image
01:47:53 Create Categories
01:48:52 Create Tags
01:49:12 Create an Excerpt
01:50:16 Configure the Blogpost Layout
01:53:41 Change the Basic Colors in your Theme
01:55:41 Add Author Information
02:00:02 Create and Manage Comments

Find Great Subjects to Write About
02:02:31 Find Subjects To Write About With Google Autofill
02:09:20 Do Market Research With Ahrefs
02:10:33 Outsource Blogposts

02:13:34 Create a Thumbnail using Photoshop
02:22:51 Adjust the Post Title and blogpost URL
02:24:01 Change the Permalinks Structure
02:24:34 Resize Images Within WordPress
02:29:33 Schedule Blogposts and change the publish date
02:32:07 Add an Editor To Your Website
02:33:34 Add Blogposts To Your Homepage

02:38:54 Create an About Page
02:39:53 Copy and Paste Elementor Sections
02:40:39 Create The Contact Page
02:42:24 Install Contact Form 7
02:44:23 Create Sidebar Widgets
02:47:06 Add Plugins as Widgets
02:48:13 Add an Affiliate Link in the Sidebar
02:51:19 Add Footer Widgets
02:57:24 Add a Facebook Likebox Widget

03:01:11 Optimise Your Website Using Rank Math

The Finishing Touch
03:17:03 Get Extra Gutenberg Blocks
03:17:44 Add Social Share To Your Blogposts
03:23:36 Create Better Links
03:27:15 Add a Favicon
03:28:50 Learn How To Make Videos
03:31:28 Thank You and Congrats!